How to Solve Illegal Immigration

How to Solve Illegal Immigration

By Bud Malmstrom

There is a reason so many illegal immigrants cross the border from Mexico to the US. It is because they receive more for free in this country than they do in their own and our elected officials don’t care enough to stop them. Solving this situation is much easier than the US Congress would like you to believe. Here is the solution according to Bud.

First, I did not come up with this solution by myself. I have listened to several so called experts and put this together from what many of them have said and coupled it with my own brand of understanding the truth.

People do things for two reasons: to get away from pain; or go towards pleasure. So we either have to create so much pain the behavior stops or created so much pleasure to stay out of our country illegally they choose not to attempt it. However, people’s behavior is more easily adjusted by pain (the lack of pleasure) than by pleasure, so pain it is.

  1. Anyone who is caught hiring or renting housing to illegal aliens is fined $50,000 per occurrence. After five the fines go up. This would put most small and medium size businesses which make a practice of hiring illegals, out of business, whether they are contractors or rental agencies. I believe this would make it undesirable to hire or rent to them. Now the illegals would have no place to work or to live. This would reduce that pleasure for illegals and increase the pain for those who hire them.
  2. There would be no free anything except emergency medical care for illegal immigrants. No free education, welfare, government handouts of any kind except emergency health care. However, if an illegal immigrant came to a medical facility for emergency health care, they would be arrested and deported as soon as they were able to travel. Their name would be put on a list and they would never be allowed back in this country legally. This would take away the pleasure of the free everything and actually punish those who got caught by never allowing them back in the country.
  3. There would be no more anchor babies. If a woman was an illegal immigrant and has a child in this country that child is also an illegal and both would be deported. The mother’s name would be put a list so she could never enter this country legally. I am not sure if this could be done by passing a law or if it would require a Constitutional amendment, but no more anchor babies. That would eliminate the pleasure of being able to stay in this country because you had a child as an illegal immigrant in this country.
  4. Each state would set up a privately held (not government run) company to bring non-residents into this country to work. Much like there are privately held companies who want to import goods into this country, fill out the customs paperwork and get approval from the FDA, Game and Wildlife, Agriculture Department, etc.. These privately held companies would be responsible for contacting other nation’s governments and requesting X number of workers for Y industry to work for N amount of time. This company would arrange for transportation, food, lodging and health care for the non-resident workers. The company would bill the company or industry for the expenses (payroll of the workers, food, lodging, health care, transportation) plus a management fee. The company would collect the money from the industry and pay the workers. If the industry paid anything to the workers directly, see rule 1. If for any reason the non-resident workers didn’t get back on the bus to go home, and were found to still be in this country at a later time, would be denied even legal access to this country in the future.
  5. As non-citizens, they are not given the considerations of our legal system. There would be no court cases, no appeals and no choice but to be deported to their country of birth and they would not be allowed back in this country again.

I believe this would go a long way towards a vast majority of the illegal immigrants in this country today self-deporting. Would it take some time? Possibly not as long as it would seem. It would depend on how much outcry there was by the people to get it in place. The people of the United Sates have been asleep for most of the 20th century. They have mistakenly trusted their elected officials to do what was right for the country. On the contrary, the politicians have done what was best for them, not America’s freedom and liberty. You see, freedom is having a choice without fear of retribution. It is not freedom for the government to say, “You don’t have to do what we tell you, but if you don’t we will put you in jail, or have a stranger (government authorized official) come and forcibly take money or property away from you.” This is how the government collects taxes, and it is yours and my taxes that pay for the free benefits illegals receive from our government today. You and I don’t have a choice to pay or not pay for illegal immigrants education, welfare, medical care, etc. and they don’t help pay for yours because they don’t pay taxes in the US. Anything short of the above proposal is amnesty for people breaking into this country and you and I being forced to take care of them for the rest of their lives so the politicians can have a larger base to be re-elected and maintain their power. It is time for the people to insist on the government of the United States of America to return to a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Each and every elected official swears and oath to protect and uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land. Allowing people from other nations to illegally enter this country and then be given the same rights and those who went through the arduous task of applying for and become a citizens of the US as prescribed by law is not upholding the laws of this land. Any politician who votes for any type of amnesty should never receive a vote by a freedom loving American again, if not be impeached for not upholding his oath of office.

These are my thoughts and I approve this message.
Bud Malmstrom

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