Understanding Illegal Immigration

Understanding Illegal Immigration

By Bud Malmstrom

There has been quite uproar about illegal immigration into this country and how it should be viewed and what should be done about it. Common sense should prevail here. It is not hard to understand “illegal” in the phrase ‘illegal alien’.

Being a country founded on laws and the enforcement of those laws has, in no small part, made us the great country we are today. What is to happen to our laws if anyone especially non-citizens break them and we give them a pass? Why are we even considering giving them a pass?

According to the Amnesty Bill the person who came into the country illegally, just has to admit they did enter the country illegally and they have to pay a $1000 fine and then the get a government ID card and get to stay. After a certain amount of time, they can legally even bring their families into the country. I bet it would be amazing how big families when the allowed time has passed.

Here is a scenario that makes this situation clear. Let’s say a person breaks into your house. Breaking and Entering is against the law. Unlawful Entry is committed when a person finds your door open and doesn’t actually break in but just walks in. Unlawful entry is also against the law. Either way, you are faced with an illegal in your house. However, because he is there, the government has a law that says all he has to do is admit he is in your house illegally, pay $1000 fine and he is in your house to stay. The government has made it mandatory that you let him stay with you and is deserving of all the care and comfort as the rest of your family. You must provide him with an education, food, medical and any other comfort he requires. If he stays long enough he will be able to bring all of his family to live with you regardless of how unfair you see it or how uncomfortable it is on you. He came here illegally, and the liberal party of our government would like you to pay for him to be here so they can get his vote in the next election so they can do even more dumb ass stuff.

Here is my scenario. The government passes a law that if you are caught in the US illegally, from whatever country, your name will be put on a list to never allow you into this country, even legally. If you commit a crime in this country, you will be deported and you name put on that list. If the crime is violent enough, you will serve your time and punishment in this country before you are deported. If your crime is a capital crime (for which you can be put to death) you are put to death without appeal. You do not receive the rights of those legal citizens residing in this country because you are not a legal resident of this country.

If my scenario was in place, illegal aliens would be self deporting. They would be running back across the border as fast as they came over.

There have been recent incidents where men dressed as Mexican soldiers come into the US to protect smuggling of narcotics and illegal immigrants. They have actually fired on our border guards. Any group firing on our law enforcement in the future should be the recipients of an air strike. We should have airplanes standing by to napalm any invaders of our sovereign soil. No apology should be forthcoming from the American government. It should come from the Mexican government to the US.

If we allow ‘illegal’ aliens a free pass for their committing Breaking and Entering and Unlawful Entry into our country, couldn’t an argument be made for those legal citizens who do commit Breaking and Entering or Unlawful Entry to be given a free pass because we did it for people who weren’t even citizens. This is how much non-sense the Amnesty for illegal aliens is. Why hasn’t the double fence been erected on the Mexican border yet? The money has already been allocated by Congress. Think before you vote in 2008.

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